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Never let the remembrance of Allah leave you with this ergonomically-designed, simple to use Digital Tasbih.

Suitable for the young and old, this small digital counter fits comfortably in your hand allowing you to make Dhikr turning the rotation wheel with your thumb, counting each turn on the digital display. Be it the numerous Adhkar taught to us by our Beloved Prophet (SAW), the ones highlighted in the Quran, the 99 names of Allah or Salawats on the Prophet (SAW), this Digital Tasbih allows you to keep track and never lose count of how many times you’ve recited one of these blessings.

With a pre-installed high capacity battery, a finish that visually mimics a wooden style, this lightweight Tasbih is designed to be carried anywhere, allowing you to continue and keep track of your Dhikr at home, on the go and at work.

We are blessed with so much, including the ability to remember Allah at all times, use this digital Tasbih to count your blessings and thank Allah (SWT) at all times. A perfect gift for your loved ones, your parents, your friends and family, the Digital Tasbih allows you to not only remind others to remember Allah, but gains you blessings too every time they use it.

FREE shipping worldwide on this product and discounts available for purchases of 5 counters together or more.

Please note while we are processing and sending out counters daily, Royal Mail have advised due to COVID there may be a slightly longer delay than usual in receiving your item. Jazak’Allah Khayr for your patience.

Start your journey with the Digital Tasbih and make the blessings you have count, by using them to count your blessings!


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  1. Yusuf

    My father brought this for me and I love it. I use it a lot and it makes me do more dhikr


  2. Ahmed

    My son gave me this as a gift. Before I use to use the usual beads which has 33 beads, this has really changed my life as I do much more dhikr. It’s beautiful. I want to get one for my husband now


  3. Omar

    I love my tasbeeh. Most days I can do over 1000 salawats on this tasbih and it’s become a part of me. May Allah reward everyone who uses this


  4. Tabs

    I never realised such a cool item existed. Such an easy way to perform Dhikr!


  5. Zara

    An easy way to do dhikr on the go, I like how I could be doing dhikr and focus on just that then see how many I’ve done in 20 minutes. It encourages me to do more next time so am enjoying using this lovely little reminder.


  6. Emaan

    Small, very light and fits perfectly in the hand. Very easy to use and it’s actually fun counting how much zikr is done and competing with my siblings.


  7. FO

    I’m not a big tasbeeh user and have always preferred counting on my fingers. This device is a great middle ground as I use my hands and fingers but don’t have to worry about losing count. I can concentrate on my remembrance and close my eyes, then a few minutes later glance at the display to know how many have been done to complete them. It’s made a difference abd ive gifted one to my dad too.


  8. Faisal

    I love this! It’s handy, I can count with my hand in my pocket while walking to and from anywhere without having to keep track of how many tasbih I’ve done because the counter does it for me. Then when I get to where I’m going I just see how many I’ve done and Ak glad I used it. Got one fir the kids too to get them in the habit of doing more zikr in a way they enjoy. Thank you!


  9. hammad raja (verified owner)

    Love it – thanks alot – exactly what i needed

    hammad raja

  10. Zee (verified owner)

    So beautiful, received well and quick. Made easy – will definitely be using from now on. Alhamdulilah. 🙂


  11. Lubna M Qureshi

    Read ISTIGFAAR 100 times it’s time to Asr Namaaz will continue reading many times daily have very many tasbees of other Duas too. May Allah swt opens the doors of Success now and always of Hadith of the day. Alhamdulillah. Ameen

    Lubna M Qureshi

  12. Saira Menon (verified owner)

    Firstly, I like the look of it! Beautiful craftsmanship and feels smooth to hold and counts quite comfortably! Excellent! Alhumdulilla!

    Saira Menon

  13. H78 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful tasbeeh. Got as a gift for my mum and she loved it. Great customer service from the company and really lovely people.


  14. Clarence Williams (verified owner)

    HOTD has excellent customer service and they are always very responsive. I highly recommend HOTD.

    Clarence Williams

  15. Mr Bilal

    MashAllah very pleased and happy with the Tasbeh and prayer mat I received. Very quick delivery abroad also. JazakAllah

    Mr Bilal

  16. AYUB MAMOOJEE (verified owner)

    Alhumdulillah – purchased this as a gift for my wife.
    She loves it and uses it every day. Works brilliantly for her


  17. Zara (verified owner)

    Bought it for my father and he loves it


  18. Gazala (verified owner)

    MashaAllah very happy with the tasbih got it in preparation for Ramadan. Got one for my mom to use and Alhamdhulillah it is easy and convenient to use, she loves it!


  19. Gazala (verified owner)

    MashaAllah very happy with the tasbih got it in preparation for Ramadan. Got one for my mom to use and Alhamdhulillah it is easy and convenient to use


  20. Zahra batool

    I brought 2 of these tasbees and they are beautiful. So lightweight and easy to hold and so rewarding when you see how much dikar you have actually read makes me want to continue to read more. I brought one for my son too and he loves it, really motivates him
    I will be buying more inshaAllah

    Zahra batool

  21. Aisha Abdul Latif

    Beautiful sturdy design which is practical to use.
    Amazing Masha Allah
    I bought as gift for all my family and friends who do constant dhikr which is Sadaqah Jaariah .

    Aisha Abdul Latif

  22. attia Ahmed (verified owner)

    very simple n elegant tasbih
    easy to use 🙂 very happy with the purchse!

    attia Ahmed

  23. shazia (verified owner)

    Allhamdullilah it has really helped increase my Dhikr. It’s a great gift to give to someone.